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3 Great Health & Wellness Tea Samplers For the Health Nut in Your Life - Healthy Loose Leaf Tea - Healthy Gifts | Heavenly Tea Leaves

3 Great Health & Wellness Tea Samplers For the Health Nut in Your Life

With the holidays around the corner, the shine of lights and the sounds of sleigh bells are hinting one thing: It’s gifting time. And with the “new year, new you” attitude that we all embrace this time of year, putting health and wellness at the forefront of our lives is a choice that we’re extra-eager to make. 

For the health nuts in our lives, or for those trying to be (or if that health nut is you, yourself) the best gifts are those that facilitate healthy habits in a beautiful, useful and delicious way. Nobody wants spirulina powder as a Christmas present, but surely they could go without that decadent box of chocolates if wellness is what they have in mind. Per usual, Heavenly Tea Leaves comes to the rescue with a great gifting solution: our signature tea sampler sets!

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to tea newbies (or even tea lovers) looking for some winter cheer. Let’s start off with the basics: What does the tea sampler have to offer that some generic tea bags don’t? For one, gourmet, high-quality loose leaf tea. Not the adulterated, bagged stuff, but rather, the kind you brew and delight in, with strong flavors, a clean flavor profile, and health benefits to boot. Next up is the presentability factor. A flimsy cardboard box just won’t do it for your beloved health nut, which is why our signature reusable tins are beautifully arranged for your recipient’s viewing and displaying pleasure. And finally: options! These collectible tea tins, which come in various combinations and are packed in an eye-catching biodegradable box, allow the drinker to pick and choose based on mood, desired benefit, the weather, or whatever they fancy! And all flavors are available in full size, so if this health nut should choose a favorite, it’ll be available for purchase. 

So, with the Heavenly Tea Leaves Wellness Tea Samplers as the clear holiday gift winner, which would we recommend? (So much tea, so little time.) To help get the decisions going, we’ve rounded up our three favorite selections. Without further ado:


Organic Wellness Herbal Tea Sampler | Heavenly Tea Leaves

Organic Wellness Herbal Tea Sampler

With a whopping 80 total servings of tea and four invigorating organic flavors, this health nut won’t be able to pick which one to dive into first! For a hectic time of year, drinkers can indulge in the anxiety-relieving Organic Sleep, while those with mental fog can do the opposite with Organic Refresh. These four flavors are distinct enough that each one can play a role in a tea drinker’s repertoire. For fancy events or everyday drinking, this set has you covered.

Organic Detox Loose Leaf Tea Sampler | Heavenly Tea Leaves

Organic Detox Tea Sampler

Did somebody say “detox”? That’s certainly our resolution. This four-set was specifically curated for those looking to clean out their systems, start each day fresh, and truly target their overall health. With both caffeinated and naturally caffeine-free options, this grouping of delectable flavors is as powerful health-wise as as it is palette-wise, like alluring Ginger Jazz, which may help promote healthier blood sugar levels, to spicy Turmeric Chili, which targets pesky inflammation.

Herbal 9 Loose Leaf Tea Sampler | Heavenly Tea Leaves

Herbal 9 Tea Sampler

Why not indulge while putting wellness at the forefront this holiday season? This festive and elaborate mega-set is for true tea lovers who also value choice. From Blueberry Delight to Peppermint to Rooibos, no stone is left unturned when it comes to this set, which comprises herbal teas that are naturally caffeine-free, so they can be consumed morning, noon, or night. And from antioxidant powers to relaxation to a metabolism boost, all these teas combined provide just about every physical and mental wellness benefit under the sun.


As 2021 draws to a close, it’s important to not only be thankful for and mindful of our loved ones, but also how we can physically and emotionally express our gratitude for having them in our lives after perhaps another difficult year. We at Heavenly Tea Leaves have come to appreciate our health in a new and holistic way, with tea as part of that lifestyle. By spreading joy and embracing giving, be it a hug or a tea sampler set, the gift of wellness will always be remembered.

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