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Sleep - Loose Leaf Herbal Tisane - Relax & Calm Down - Perfect Tea Before Bedtime - Naturally Caffeine Free - Heavenly Tea Leaves



Coax yourself to sleep the peaceful way with the calming and zesty herbal tea, Sleep. This aptly titled organic blend features traditional ingredients like stomach-settling peppermint and relaxing chamomile mixed with citrusy and floral bursts of lemongrass and hibiscus. An effective bedtime elixir, Sleep doesn't shy away from exuberant flavors.

Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic lemongrass, organic rosehip, organic hibiscus, organic chamomile, organic valerian root, natural flavoring

Tasting Notes: Floral, smooth, slightly minty

Brewing Tips: Use 1 tsp. of tea per every 6-8 oz. of boiling water. Steep for 4-5 minutes.  

This herbal tisane is naturally caffeine-free

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