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The 5 Types of Tea That Will Help You Live A Healthier Life - Premium Loose Leaf Tea | Heavenly Tea Leaves

The 5 Types of Tea That Will Help You Live A Healthier Life

New year, new you? Perhaps a completely new you isn’t necessary–especially if you already have a fair amount of Heavenly Tea Leaves in your repertoire. But there’s always more to be had! As we constantly evolve, we maintain a collection of both classic and innovative tea blends that are here to serve you in any and all situations. From lagging energy levels to getting over a recent illness, different types of tea can serve you in very different ways.

As a certain amount of uncertainty in the world continues to be a regular part of our lives, we react to our circumstances differently. Maybe you need a calming, soothing beverage to help you get to sleep at night. Maybe it’s time to put your weight management first. Maybe your nose is just too stuffy to bear! Regardless of what’s happening, we have confidence in our vast range of blends to help get your body and mind functioning optimally so you can make the best of 2022. Here, we’ve rounded up our 5 favorites for what we’re encountering most these days:

1. To Get Your Energy Fix

Feeling sluggish this winter? One of the most wholesome solutions to that is Heavenly Tea Leaves–and specifically the Energizer blend. An uplifting infusion of green tea, mate, ginger, turmeric, and other invigorating ingredients, this is a refreshing wellness tonic. It’s anchored by green tea, the tea type most famous for a high concentration of antioxidants and its metabolism-boosting qualities, thanks to naturally occurring caffeine. Drink this one first thing in the morning for an even-keeled, all-day punch.

2. To Combat the Congestion

If you’re looking to open up those nasal passages due to that seemingly inevitable seasonal congestion, Turmeric Chili Chai (aka Golden Milk) is the spicy and exhilarating tea for you. Drink it on its own or blend it with your favorite milk or milk alternative and feel your body come alive. Turmeric is a known superfood that’s extremely nutritious and combats inflammation–an enemy of wellness. It also happens to be the delicious golden basis for this blend, which adds organic cinnamon, ginger and more to concoct the perfect drink for breathing easy.

3. For Calm, Keep Clean and Carry On

Herbal Cleanse does exactly the kind of thing you might expect a tea with that name to do. Made of a sumptuous blend of floral, citrus, mint, and anise flavors (all organic, in case you were wondering), this naturally caffeine-free blend tastes as clean and smooth as it is for you. Antioxidant properties? Check. Better digestion? Check. Promoting women’s health? Yep, check. With so many complementary ingredients, it seems like there’s nothing this blend can’t do for you this year.

4. For a Trim Waistline in the New Year

Slim Down is not only the name of this delectable tart and floral blend, but also the most common New Year’s Resolution. This time of year, most of us are concerned with a balanced lifestyle, and in turn, an efficient metabolism and healthy weight. In conjunction with a natural and considered diet, and regular exercise, this tea promotes quicker metabolism and better digestion thanks to ingredients like peppermint, fermented pu’erh, and oolong. Plus, strawberry pieces and rosehip add flavor to boot.

5. For an End-of-Day Detox

The ideal tea for those looking for a body reset, Heavenly Tea Leaves’ Detox lends an intoxicating melange of unique components. These luscious elements work together not just to create a great-tasting and invigorating beverage, but also a cleansing one, lending your body nutrients, reducing inflammation, protecting against aging, and killing bacteria. Whether you’re just recovering from an illness or looking to build your immunity through the rest of the winter, this delicious tea is calling your name.


Whether you’re in need of an immune boost, a throat soother, or some clean energy, Heavenly Tea Leaves has you taken care of.

The 5 Types of Tea That Will Help You Live A Healthier Life - Premium Loose Leaf Tea | Heavenly Tea Leaves

The 5 Types of Tea That Will Help You Live A Healthier Life

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I learned about all these herbal tea when I was doing my research on Ayurveda. This was educative. I mostly followed for some great natural remedies and recipes, but this article has some new information for sure. I will add your blog to my list.


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