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Private Label & Co-Packing Tea

As a small, family owned-business, we understand some of the manufacturing, sourcing, and packaging challenges that can come about when starting a new tea venture. We want to support businesses of all sizes in private labeling & co-packing custom tea products from tins, to bulk tea, to pyramid tea bags, and much more. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, packaging, and selling consumer facing tea products of our own, we want to help you bring your new tea products to life! Our capabilities include wholesale, sourcing, blending, co-packing, private label, and manufacturing products from start to finish.


What is Private Label & Co-packing?
Private label is basically when any brand takes their product and puts your label or branding on it. In our case, we take products from our collection, label them with your branding, and package them for you.


Can I use my own branding?
Yes, you can use your own branding.


Can you help me with design?
No, we don't offer any design services. If you're using our packaging, we would provide you with label templates depending on the packaging you choose, you would then send us the finished labels or your custom packaging.


Which teas can I private label?
Our Bulk Teas or Tea Tins are a great place to start browsing. 


Can get I samples?
You can place a sample order using our website. If you decide to move forward with a private label order, we will refund you in full for the samples.


Do you drop ship or store products?
We do not drop ship or store products at this time.


Do you ship directly to Amazon or other marketplaces?
Yes we can ship to any location once your private label order is ready.


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