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The 5 Herbs of Fall | Heavenly Tea Leaves Blog

The 5 Herbs of Fall (Cozy Season)

Ever wonder why, come the brisk weather of fall, certain classic flavors just hit the spot? Us too! As we shift gears into full autumnal mode, we find ourselves suddenly craving the familiar pumpkin-spice adjacent flavors that somehow always feel like home. 

To get a whiff of rich cinnamon, exotic cardamom or deep-and-spicy cloves is to be transported to a place of comfort and warmth. A cozy night by the fireplace might come to mind, or maybe a delicious seasonal meal followed by a scrumptious dessert, and a tea made with some of these warming spices to top it off. 

Going beyond just familiarity and coziness, there are plenty of benefits to consuming these spices in cooking or as part of a gourmet loose-leaf tea blend. We’ve pulled together the best of the best of the season when it comes to the spices of fall, and our five most irresistible organic tea blends that put these flavors front and center:


In addition to being a potent stomach-settler, Ginger Jazz is a true star in the Heavenly Tea Leaves collection. What’s the big fuss about cinnamon? It’s a long list–from anti-inflammatory properties to blood sugar regulation to memory support, and everything in between. This tea lends all the benefits of a seasonal sweetness without a huge surge of carbs to mess with digestion. Sounds like a winner to us!


Another under-the-radar blend is Rooibos Cream Chai. This fantastically tart and deep flavor—organic, like the rest of the Heavenly Tea Leaves collection of loose-leaf teas—is a naturally caffeine-free concoction that delivers serious spice, courtesy of the middle eastern mainstay plus ingredients like black peppercorn and ginger with a honeybush base. But the almost-smoky cloves are the surprise star of the show—and boast wellness powers like the mineral manganese, supporting brain function and bone density, and eugenol, which works to reduce oxidative stress.


Famous in the Middle East, and a common ingredient in the most delicious confections, cardamom is as tasty as it is Organic Digestion. Not only does this tea showcase an incredible mix of top notes, but it’s also a blend of different teas, like mate green and rooibos. Among many digestion-promoting ingredients like mint, liquorice root and spirulina, cardamom sets itself apart thanks to its delectable sweet aroma and depth of flavor. And what health benefits does this quintessential-yet-under-appreciated fall spice offer? We’re talking antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and other wellness-boosting properties. Seems to be packing a serious punch to us.


Looking for even more adventure? The party starts with Chili Chai. This is an Indian-inspired blend that is not only full of healthful fall flavors, but also a rare melange that’s only found here. Combining chili flakes cinnamon and more alongside the superfood turmeric (whose benefits, at this point, need no introduction), this one is the spiciest of the autumnal teas featured here. As opposed to a dessert tea, this one can stand alone as the perfect between-meal pick-me-up. 


Last but not least, Turmeric Ginger. This loose-leaf powerhouse features the bioactive compound gingerol, making it a great treatment for nausea, bloating, and potentially even arthritis and other inflammation-related ailments. Not to mention, its potent and earthy crave-worthy taste makes it easy to reach for with food, dessert, a spoon of honey, or all by itself.

Heavenly Tea Leaves is happy to welcome fall with a hot cup of tea, or two. As the fire burns and the cauldron bubbles, we always look forward to some of these tantalizing blends inside. It’s a no-brainer that these essential fall spices live up to their duty as much when it comes to wellness as to packing a flavor punch. From combating inflammation to promoting heart health—what can’t these amazing fall blends help do?

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