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Tropical Chamomile Tea Canister

Tropical Chamomile Tea Canister

Find your inner calm with Tropical Chamomile


Find your inner calm with Tropical Chamomile, a restorative blend of golden chamomile blossoms and sweet, lingering notes of tropical fruit. Used as a medicine in ancient Egyptian times, chamomile may help reduce anxiety, relieve headaches, lower inflammation, boost immunity, and alleviate insomnia.

Ingredients: Organic papaya, organic chamomile, organic orange peel, natural mango flavor, organic safflower and organic stevia extract

1.9 Oz. Tin (Approximately 36 Servings of Tea)

USDA Organic

Brewing Tips: Add tea to teapot, fill your own tea bag or infuser basket. Use 1-3 heaping teaspoons per cup (5-8oz). Adjust to taste. Steep (infuse) leaves for 3-5 minutes. Strain leaves & enjoy!

Price: $13.99