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Mao Jian Green Tea

Mao Jian Green Tea

"Mao" means tiny fuzz & "Jian" referes to the shape of the tea


Mao Jian Green Tea is a limited edition tea we've added to our rare tea collection. This beautifully twisted single bud is made from the tender new growth of the tea plant. "Mao" means tiny fuzz in the cup when brewed "Jian" referes to the shape of the tea leaves.

Ingredients: Green tea

Tasting Notes: 

Brewing Tips: Add 1 tsp. of tea per 6 oz. of boiled water (175 degrees). Steep for 2-3 minutes. Do not over brew to avoid bitterness.

Origin: Yunnan, China


Available in:

  • Sample Pouch
  • 2 oz. resealable pouch
  • 4 oz. resealable pouch
  • 8 oz. resealable pouch
  • 16 oz. resealable pouch