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Double Wall Tea Infuser Bottle
Double Wall Tea Infuser Bottle
Double Wall Tea Infuser Bottle

Double Wall Tea Infuser Bottle

$24.99 $19.99

The Heavenly Tea Leaves Double Wall Tea Infuser Bottle is an easy way to brew tea and take it to-go! Brewing your tea is simple. Just put the tea leaves in below the strainer, pour your hot water, snap the strainer back in, and enjoy!

Our unique design keeps the tea under the strainer to ensure a flavorful brew by allowing the leaves to fully expand and infuse into the water. This also prevents leaves from getting into your mouth while drinking.

Our infuser works well with all different tea types, both loose and bagged. Coffee lovers can also rejoice as our bottle works well with different brews of iced and hot coffees. Creating a fruity drink has also never been easier. Just place your favorite mix of fruits into the bottle and fill in water as you please!


  • The double glass wall allows you to handle the bottle without burning your hand
  • Unique functional design that allows the tea leaves to fully expand for a more flavorful brew - we suggest using higher quality teas or herbal tea blends with this bottle due to its design.
  • Ultra-clear glass provides a premium look and feel
  • Spill-proof and travel-friendly for to-go beverages
  • BPA free & dishwasher safe


Caution: Please always keep the mug upright. The mug is not completely leakproof due to possible overpressure.