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Gou Nao Gong Superior Grade

Gou Nao Gong Superior Grade

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Gou Nao Gong Superior Grade is the most well-known of Hunan province’s specialty pre-Qing Ming teas. This variety originates in Chenzhou City in the Mangshan Mountain region, which has become a popular tourist destination thanks to its warm and pleasant weather. The young Gou Nao Gong leaf is picked from the Fuding Da Bai tea bush, whose distinctive twisted shape and thick body yield a light and fruity taste.

Ingredients: Green tea 

Tasting Notes: Light, mildly fruity

Brewing Tips: Use 1 tsp. of tea per every 6 oz. of boiling water (170 degrees). Steep for 1-2 minutes. Do not over brew to avoid bitterness.

Origin: Chenzhou City, China