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Bold Leaf Pu'er - Organic Pu-erh Tea - Special Fermented Tea - Rich in Anti-oxidants & Probiotics - Wellness Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Bold Leaf Pu'er

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Bold Leaf Pu'er is a distinct, earthy brew. Pu'er teas are aged in temperature-controlled environments and go through the process of fermentation. This introduces moisture to the piled-up tea leaves which are turned and tended to by the artisan, resulting in an anti-oxidant & probiotic-rich tea.

Ingredients: Organic pu'er

Tasting Notes: Distinct, earthy

Brewing Tips: Use 1 tsp. of tea per every 6 oz. of boiling water. Steep for 3-5 minutes (208 degrees). Do not over brew to avoid bitterness.

Origin: Yunnan Province, China