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Bodum Ceylon Jumbo Iced Tea Jug, 51 oz. - Great for Cold Brewing and Making Loose Leaf Iced Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Bodum Ceylon Iced Tea Jug


The Bodum Ceylon Jumbo Iced Tea Jugs are great for all occasions, whether its hot summers or cold winters! The jug is made of see-through plastic that is useful and decorative throughout the year. In addition to iced tea, the CEYLON iced tea jug can be used for all kinds of delicious drinks like fresh-squeezed orange juice, sangria, or fruit-infused water.

  • All parts are dishwasher safe and can be put in the fridge.
  • 1.5 L (51 oz) Jug

Directions: Making ice tea with the Bodum Iced Tea Jug is easy. Simply add your preferred tea to the removable filter and pour water over the leaves (1 cup per every tsp. of tea). Close the lid, and leave the tea jug in the refrigerator. You will have delicious ice tea in no time!