Organic Silver Needle

27.00 NIS

Our Organic Silver Needle white tea is a single-bud tea harvested only a few days each spring making it the highest grade of white teas and one of the rarest teas in the world. Silver Needle has a clear nectar-like infusion, with a sweet, mellow finish and contains the highest level of antioxidants of any teas.

Ingredients: Organic white tea

Tasting Notes: Mellow, smooth, sweet finish

Brewing Tips: Use 1 tsp. of tea for every 6 oz. of boiling water (175 degrees). Steep for 1-3 minutes. Do not over brew to avoid bitterness.

Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Composting Instructions: Please remove the label before composting your pouch.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Michael Labombarda
    My Wife Loaves Your Teas!

    Very high quality and quick ship and receive time. Keep up the great work!

    Brian Lenihan
    Heavenly tea Silver needle

    I’ve been a customer of heavenly tea for over three years I wouldn’t go anywhere else the service there is fantastic the quality of the tea is wonderful!!

    Thank you Brian!!! We really appreciate the kind words

    Matt E
    One of My Favorite Teas in the World

    The review title really says it all. I love this tea so much. It's smooth, slightly sweet, and very nuanced in terms of flavor. It's just one of those teas that gives me a special calming feeling I can't fully put into words.

    Sharan Douglas
    Quality not High Grade

    I purchased a small quantity considering it was my first time buying Silver Needle tea from this company.
    Unfortunately, it was not fresh but dry. I have purchased this tea for years and I'm not sure how its stored but a good grade of tea would look shiny and silver and soft to the touch, thus the name.
    It should be brown which indicate the tea is either old or not contained to prevent dryness.
    I hope this helps!