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The Top 5 Heavenly Teas to Sip on a Fall Evening - Top 5 Loose Leaf Teas For Fall - Best Loose Leaf Teas For Autumn - Best Warming Loose Leaf Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves Blog

The Top 5 Heavenly Teas to Sip on a Fall Evening

The leaves are falling and the temps are dropping, no doubt. Autumn is a time of beauty and the spirit-filled transition to winter. 

Pandemic or not, a cozy night in is almost always the way to go this time of year. This is not only cuffing season, but officially the time when we start staying in more and enjoying some guilt-free nights on the couch. Evenings in are the best opportunities, in addition to binge-watching the latest Netflix craze, to try out some of our favorite hot beverages - and specifically, our favorite Heavenly Teas.

Fall lends itself to hot teas and certain obvious flavor profiles, and some not-so-obvious ones. You want a cup that’s soothing and satiating, that has warmth and comfort, and that eases your mind after a long day. Bottom line: Fall means great flavor and feeling nice and toasty before bedtime. You’ll also want a fall tea that is naturally caffeine-free (commonly known as herbal tisanes) and has ingredients that have both a soothing aroma (like lemon peel and lavender) and are physically soothing, setting your body into low-stress bliss (like chamomile and valerian root). Wellness tea to the rescue! Here is a rundown of the five teas that we highly recommend for snuggling up in your down time:


Herbal Cleanse

A personal favorite of the writer, Herbal Cleanse is the best blend of all worlds. Lavender? Check. Lemon? Check. Anise and rosehip? Double check! Round and light, this super-original blend isn’t the typical, heavy or overly spicy type of fall tea (say goodbye to pumpkin spice). Instead, it’s an easy blend to drink after dinner to help ease digestion and neutralize your taste buds. It also has an intoxicating-yet-delicate aroma that’s sure to please anyone from tea-drinking neophytes to advanced tea enthusiasts. 

Lemon Ginger

For when you’re feeling a little under the weather, think you might get there, or just want a  relaxing tummy soother, reach for Lemon Ginger tea. The name of this unique organic blend is deceivingly simple; in fact, it’s got organic spearmint, both lemon peel and lemongrass, and even licorice root - all flavors meant to enhance the essential lemon and ginger notes that give this tea its comforting character. 

Turmeric Ginger

In continuing with the ginger-for-fall theme, we’ve got the nutritious and stomach-pleasing Turmeric Ginger. It’s likely you’re no stranger to the health benefits of the bright yellow root, turmeric: think reduced inflammation, antioxidants, and even better brain function. But this tea has some added bonuses: a bright, acidic twist from a combination of orange peel, lemon peel, organic lemon oil oil, and more. Drink this one with a generous heap of pumpkin pie on the side and you won’t regret it. 


A crisp fall evening is as good a time as any to enjoy this straightforward blend: Sleep. In addition to stomach-settling and fresh-tasting peppermint, this nighttime elixir, good for any season but great for when it gets dark early, contains a rich blend of ingredients. As a calming bonus, Sleep features chamomile - the essential wind-down, yawn-inducing ingredient. This one will help you not only fall asleep, but to enjoy a deep and more restful evening. Who doesn’t love waking up refreshed instead of groggy?


A great name for a tea, isn’t it? Another unusual fall tea, Refresh has a mild sweetness that is totally irresistible. A superior, organic, naturally caffeine-free blend, this one is fruity-meets-earthy-meets-floral. An infusion of apple and orange pieces make this one especially autumn-friendly. Sip on this while carving your jack-o-lantern or prepping your Thanksgiving turkey. It’s a bright and happy tea that’s as versatile as it is warming. 

After deciding which of these Heavenly Tea blends pleases your fall tea-drinking needs the most, the question remains, how to drink them? Of course, if we’re watching our waistlines, hot tea is a great-tasting alternative to high-calorie desserts; many of these have a natural sweetness that’s just as satisfying, but way less fattening. Otherwise, tea pairs beautifully with fall fruits or whichever dessert you happen to be indulging in that evening. Whether you’re alone or hunkering down with close friends and family, these teas and herbal tisanes will hit the spot this fall. Bottoms up!
The Top 5 Heavenly Teas to Sip on a Fall Evening - Top 5 Loose Leaf Teas For Fall - Best Loose Leaf Teas For Autumn - Best Warming Loose Leaf Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves Blog

The Top 5 Heavenly Teas to Sip on a Fall Evening

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Hi Ricki and Jay,
All the teas listed in this post are naturally caffeine-free. These teas are referred to as herbal teas or tisanes.

Thank you,
The Team at Heavenly Tea Leaves

Heavenly Tea Leaves


Can i get a list of teas that are deface? I don’t drink caffeine and based on your descriptions many teas look like the have caffeine . Could the be deface and not listed in description ?

Thank you for your help.


Ricki and Jay Scharf

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