Brandy Oolong Tea


Brandy Oolong Tea is an exceptional oolong that is composed of tea leaves rolled into dark, lustrous pearls. The liquors rich, caramel color is similar in appearance to a fine, aged brandy. Complex flavors of roasted brown-sugar, molasses, nutmeg, and figs evolve into a lingering finish. Brandy Oolong is more oxidized, which gives it a richer, deeper flavor profile that is closer in character to a black tea than a green tea. Oolong teas are also referred to as wu-long tea are well known for anti-aging properties and body-slimming effects.  

Ingredients: Oolong tea

Tasting Notes: rich, deep, caramel, complex

Brewing Tips: Use 1 tsp. of tea per every 6 oz. of boiling water (190 degrees). Steep for 3-4 minutes. Re-steep as many as 4-7 times or until flavor becomes too weak.

Origin: Fujian, China

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    Judith Marth
    Good, Efficient Service, Larger Amounts?

    I order Brandy Oolong, which I like very much. Wish that it came in a bigger size. Would like to order a larger amount of the tea. Is this possible? Orders are filled out promptly, good service all around.

    Hi Judith,
    Thank you for the kind words! We offer the Brandy Oolong in Sample, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 16 oz sizes. Just select the size you'd like from the dropdown!

    Thank you,
    The Team at Heavenly Tea Leaves

    Great tea even if it's a little pricier than the others

    I'm a big fan of this tea. It's not a nice, warm caramel flavor that's great to have in the afternoons. It's eliminated my afternoon sugar cravings. Will definitely buy more of this, especially because I can re-steep a few times and get consistent flavor.

    Brandy Oolong is one of our favorites too! Thank you!