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Do Judge a Tea by Its Packaging: Putting the Earth First

Although we don’t talk about it much here, a major commitment of Heavenly Tea Leaves, aside from delivering the best tea, herbs and botanicals around, is sustainability. A lot goes into creating a greener world, and we are proud to be doing our part, not only in providing a product that goes the distance when it comes to going green, but also in taking environmentally friendly steps forward when packaging our teas (while maintaining freshness and safety, of course). This is why we’re ready to be judged by our packaging, and here’s why:

Tea Samplers

When it comes to our specialty sampler sets, the sustainability is real. We custom-pack these loose leaf tea samplers in “upcyclable” and reusable tins placed in durable kraft paper boxes that are recyclable (and honestly, who doesn’t need extra storage containers these days?). Once they’re out of tea, sampler tins can be used to store and display additional teas or any other household bits and bobs. It helps that they’re sleek and attractive, too. 

Loose Leaf Teas

By the same token, all full-sized loose leaf teas by Heavenly Tea Leaves (sample, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz pouches) are packed at the height of freshness in our signature resealable kraft paper pouches that are lined in corn-starch PLA (also known as corn plastic or polylactic acid), a 100% compostable type of resin that represents the future of efficiency in packaging and a lighter carbon footprint. Smithsonian Magazine sings the praises of this innovative technology:

It’s made from a renewable resource, which means it has a big leg up—both politically and environmentally—on conventional plastic packaging, which uses an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil a day in the United States. Also, PLA is in principle compostable, meaning that it will break down under certain conditions into harmless natural compounds. That could take pressure off the nation’s mounting landfills, since plastics already take up 25 percent of dumps by volume.

The Essentials Collection

The latest news in the Heavenly Tea Leaves world is our debut of the Essentials Collection, a suite of eight simple-and-satisfying blends of organic loose leaf tea, perfect for sipping during the holidays and year-round. What’s special about this line when it comes to the environment? We like to omit the conventional plastic, going again for kraft paper packaging that is PLA-lined, 100% compostable, and of course, with labels that are also made of paper. 

Biodegradable waste is super-important because it is absorbed by the Earth as opposed to ending up in a harmful landfill, or in a junk island in our oceans. They also produce fewer greenhouse gases when reprocessed, and are both compostable and renewable. The transition away from synthetic materials like rubber, plastic, nylon, and other handy-but-harmful petrochemicals is a critical one in preventing pollution.

Finally, of course, the green mission is behooved by the consumption of loose leaf tea itself, as opposed to teabags and sachets that contain pernicious microplastics and other non-biodegradable components. On an intrinsic level, the Heavenly Tea Leaves promise is that our tea is more healthful and wholesome because whole-leaf loose tea retains more of its beneficial properties and nutrients than bagged tea, which are often composed of powdery grinds, called fannings, that are beyond recognition (or flavor). But when it comes to the Earth, there’s one more obvious benefit: no bags = way less waste! 

Instead of brewing tea inside of disposable tea bags that are portioned in fixed amounts and will certainly be discarded, perhaps several times a day, the answer lies in infusing great-tasting loose leaf tea with reusable glass, ceramic and metal tools, such as tea pots, presses, and strainers. So, here loose leaf tea is providing a double-whammy, with the health benefits  and superior flavor, as well as saving quite a lot of landfill waste over the course of your tea-drinking lifetime.

Living planet-friendly is all about habits, both personally and when it comes to crafting and purveying tea. Professionally, our dedication to the planet manifests in making both our tea and our packaging as health-promoting and sustainable as possible. Personally, we each can do our part in consuming, reusing such products in ways we know to be optimal. 

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