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Transitional Teas: Top Picks for the Changing Seasons | Heavenly Tea Leaves

Transitional Teas: Top Picks for the Changing Seasons

During the changing of the seasons, the most comforting elements in our lives are undoubtedly the ones that stay constant. Family, our homes, our livelihoods, our routines—just to name a few. This spring, why not let the focus be on tea? The old, stereotypical visions of tea might conjure a black tea in cold weather, in a formal, indoor setting. But luckily for tea lovers everywhere, times have evolved.

There is a lot to be said for the versatility of gourmet loose-leaf tea—especially that of certain blends that blend the best of all seasons. The just-right year-round tea either delivers pure neutrality of flavor, or balances depth and brightness, and a multitude of flavors. While many teas are summer-specific and best served on ice, and others still are destined to beat the cold-weather chill, some strike just the right balance. They taste just as good brewed hot or cold, and your craving for them won’t depend on outside temps. All of these Heavenly Tea Leaves blends do the trick, 365 days a year:

Organic White Peach is the first excellent example of a transitional tea star. An organic tea lover’s absolute dream—regardless of what the forecast has in store—this one has a gentle white and green tea base that delivers a bit of caffeine and light depth, but still stays bright thanks to a delightful peach twist. Zingy ginger is an earthy-yet-refreshing ingredient (and definite superfood) that takes this one over the edge. If you want in on a little personal secret…this one is one of our team’s all-time favorites.

Jasmine Oolong is notable for its unique and subtle hints of grassiness, apricot flavor, and a lingering floral essence. While the fruitiness of the apricot lends a bright flavor that’s definitely spring-summer leaning, the essence of oolong is earthy and vegetal. And the jasmine, of course, gives a floral sweetness that is always appealing and transportive. This is one of the most special and rare blends, making it deserving of the spotlight throughout the year. P.S. This tea is one of our COO Matt’s top picks.

Onto basics. Organic Just Green is the essence of a soulful wellness food. It’s a bare-bones green tea originating from the Hunan region of China with smooth, mild plum tasting notes and an inherently neutral flavor that makes it super-versatile. With this blend, you can enjoy a jolt of even-keeled all-day energy, hot or iced. Add-ins? Yes, please.

Organic Digestion is the silky and unusually floral blend that needs no season—it works its magic all year round. The list of ingredients in this blend is impressive: from rich, autumnal elements like cinnamon, ginger, mate, and fennel to light and refreshing uppers like hibiscus, lime oil, spirulina, and spearmint—what can’t this tea deliver?

While black teas typically give a winter vibe, Organic Black Lavender is an interesting departure. With a full-bodied black tea base, dried lavender petals lend a unique and uplifting quality to the variety. As a bonus, lavender lends a super-relaxing touch to your cup—a useful and delicious quality any month of the year. If cold-brewing, add a touch of honey to balance the richness of this one’s base.

Fruity and floral, spicy and vegetal—there’s no flavor profile tea can’t deliver. When it’s still a little bit cold but getting warmer day by day, we might end up a little bit confused as to what we’re in the mood for. Sneaking in to fill the void are these and more soul-satisfying transitional teas, meant for whatever weather or craving life brings.

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