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Tea Time: A Star-Studded Affair - The Hollywood Stars that Drink Tea - Celebrities Who Love Tea | Heavenly Tea Leaves Blog

Tea Time: A Star-Studded Affair

Celebrities, are they really just like us? Maybe not in most senses…but even at the pinnacle of fame, many of our favorite Hollywood and sports stars incorporate the same healthy habits we do in our daily lives (and then some). One such habit? A daily cup of tea, of course. At Heavenly Tea Leaves, we can't disagree.

Each tea blend offers unique and powerful wellness benefits. Whether you’re an actor looking for the so-called fountain of youth and to reduce anxiety, or an athlete looking for stamina and to support your peak physical condition, the right concoction of wellness habits, including tea, can help you get there. A holistic lifestyle matters a lot to people appearing in movies and on television; looking and feeling great can mean all the difference in how they perform and come across to audiences. It’s also a matter of personal preference; what tastes good to us also does to celebs! So for health boosts and happy minds, take a look at the celebrity tea recommendations we’ve rounded up:


Serena Williams: Matcha 

Rumor has it that Serena Williams, one of the all-time greats in the sport of tennis, has an excellent matcha habit! Matcha is high-quality green tea in highly concentrated, powdered form (We love it so much, we wrote all about it here). It’s no wonder that the tennis star uses this drink to stay in tip-top condition. In addition to powerful antioxidants, matcha provides a powerful yet even boost of energy thanks to its natural caffeine content (endurance, anyone?). Other benefits include anti-aging powers and a solid boost to the immune system–something any athlete needs in their career. Williams consumes matcha each afternoon as part of a high-protein, high-fiber diet.

Oprah: Chai

Anyone or anything that gets Oprah’s stamp of approval knows they’re doing something right. Case in point: the spicy concoction originating in India known as chai. After visiting a family in India that made chai part of their daily ritual, Oprah decided to make tea a bigger part of her life, and found that the bold flavors of chai were some of her favorite. Our modern and rarely-seen take on this flavor-forward beverage is called Turmeric Chili Chai. This unique blend contains all the key ingredients to make the beloved health-centric drink, golden milk. With or without milk or a non-dairy substitute adding some creaminess, golden milk or this chai alone offers health benefits that include the reduction of inflammation, memory boosting, lowering blood sugar, helping cardiovascular performance, and more. We see why everyone, including superstar Oprah, is on board.

Lionel Messi: Yerba Mate 

Perhaps the most prominent athlete in the world today, soccer star Lionel Messi isn’t mess-ing around when it comes to health-conscious habits. Messi is said to be a drinker of mate, a drink known to provide better metabolism, sleep, immunity and more. Our special Organic Energizer blend prominently features mate, a traditional, caffeine-rich South-American beverage made from the leaves of the yerba mate plant, different from camellia sinensis, which many other teas come from. This blend has bonus ingredients like ginger root, nettle leaves, spearmint and lime oil, adding flavors to balance out the vegetal taste of the tea, as well as additional health benefits. Whether you’re playing on the pitch or just watching the game, why resist?

Jennifer Lawrence: Dandelion Root

Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence is just as conscious about her wellness as she is about her sense of humor. No doubt that’s in part thanks to her habit of drinking tea containing the powerhouse ingredient, dandelion root. According to Lawrence’s erstwhile personal trainer, this special ingredient acts as a diuretic, flushing out unwanted toxins and preventing water retention. Who doesn’t want to de-bloat? Additional potential benefits include aiding in digestion, reducing cholesterol, weight management, and even helping the body battle chronic conditions like hepatitis. Heavenly Tea Leaves’ answer? Organic Relief, a loose-leaf tea filled with naturally sweet botanicals, including this tasty root.

Fame brings many gifts, among which is the power and access to guide one’s health and wellness in the right direction. Luckily, in today’s world, you don’t have to be well-known to get the same access. With just a little research, plus taste-and-toss (our version of trial and error), you can find the perfect tea that balances your health needs with the preference of your taste buds. And maybe, just like these athletes, actors and global influencers, you’ll discover one of the keys to looking and feeling your best every day.


Photo Credit: Luca Trovato via Oprahdaily

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