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Mood-Balancing Teas - Teas for Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, & Overall Health & Wellness | Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Blog

Mood-Balancing Teas

Balance is a tricky thing. It’s that mysterious element we’re constantly seeking in all areas of our life, but may find difficult to attain—or even define. It’s really all about proportion, being even-keeled, and compensating for what’s missing without creating a new void. In a world that may seem out of whack, anxiety-inducing or dull, it’s up to us to use whatever is at our disposal to tip the scales in the opposite direction, whether that means picking ourselves up with a boost of energy when we’re down, or trying to stay calm and collected when our nerves get the best of us.

It’s a good thing the Heavenly Tea Leaves team believes that tea, as a superhero (and superfood), is an essential player in balance when it comes to mind-and-body wellness. Various ingredients in our herbal and non-herbal teas contribute to the physical and mental wellness that is needed for a particular mood or state, whether up or down. Everybody has that just-right sweet spot; these are the top five teas that can help you hit yours:

     1. Organic Black Lavender

Have you ever sniffed the glory of lavender? Perhaps a drizzle of its oil by the ears or a spritz on your pillow—or better yet, a fresh bouquet? A number of studies show that lavender is the ultimate mood-stabilizer, sedative, analgesic and more. Combine this incredibly calming floral aroma with the power of a classic and full-bodied black tea, and you have a perfectly evened-out seesaw of a beverage. Plus, it’s absolutely delicious. 

     2. Organic Lemon Ginger

Sometimes, a pep in your step is just what the doctor ordered. But then again, caffeine might not always be. Or, you’re looking for an evening pick-me-up when you’re lacking some vigor, but need to steer clear of caffeine before bed. Say no more! This naturally caffeine-free blend, with ginger, lemongrass (can you say ‘calming’?), spearmint, and licorice root, is a fresh and citrusy elixir that has roots in Ayurvedic medicine. Its elements deliver power by improving circulation and revving up metabolism, and are known to promote digestion and quell inflammation as a bonus. 

     3. Organic Sleep

For many balance seekers, a cup of hot herbal tea and a pre-bedtime routine are synonymous. For those who seek relaxation and serenity after an amped-up and stressful day, this super-unique Heavenly Tea Leaves blend is the answer. With floral, smooth and slightly minty notes for a piquant surprise, this calm-me-down nighttime elixir features ingredients like chamomile, valerian root (a known sedative), rosehip and more, making it impossible to resist.

     4. Organic Energizer

A high-octane and invigorating wellness tonic, the Heavenly Tea Leaves Energizer blend gets you going when you’re in a morning or afternoon slump. Thanks to a rare infusion of green tea (known for its stable energy boost), mate, guarana seed (essential for focus and fatigue reduction), mint, chili, lime oil and more, the flavor concoction awakens your taste buds as much as it does your brain and body. 

As told by this incredible variety of teas, everyone’s version of balance is as unique as they are. The way we interact with the world on a daily basis tells a one-of-a-kind story of what our brain and body crave. For some, it might mean an easier time falling asleep, while for others, it’s a jolt of energy that’s needed while the day seems to drag on. Thankfully for everyone, we have sunny spring days up ahead to look forward to.

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