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The Top 5 Teas for Entertaining Guests - Best Teas For Hosting Guests | Heavenly Tea Leaves Blog

The Top 5 Teas for Entertaining Guests

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While many of us are looking for excuses to entertain friends and family year-round, now is the time for that annual most-wonderful-time tingle. The start of winter means the festive holiday season we all look forward to, with ugly sweaters and office parties abound. It also means trying to stay warm (and cozy) however we can. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just a get-together rooted in joy and great food, a good gathering should always be topped off with some delicious, freshly brewed gourmet tea.

Tea is not only the perfect antidote to a brutal winter chill; it’s a chic beverage to entertain with that lends flavor, love, and a beautiful showpiece to your dessert table. It’s alcohol-free for those who don’t indulge, and often caffeine-free, too (hey-we like to start things after dark). This year, there’s an extra pep in our step-we’re looking to take the standard holiday party to the next level with some soothing and delightful tea options. Shall we share our 5 best teas for entertaining? Luckily, spreading the holiday cheer is our specialty.

     1. Herbal Tea
Got company? Get some herbal tea. The best part about this category of tea (aside from being naturally caffeine-free, so it can be consumed day or night) is the sheer range of options. Go anise-forward, floral, earthy, or fruity depending on your mood. You can even do a custom mini-brew for each guest using one of our signature Tea Samplers. To go slightly floral and fully soothing, serve the smooth and mild Organic Herbal Cleanse with some delicious holiday pastries or as a post-dinner cleanse.

     2. Green Tea
Green tea is another exciting option to share with your friends and family at the next holiday gathering. This year-round favorite is vegetal, light, floral and soothing–not to mention its bevy of health benefits. For a floral twist on the variety’s usual grassy taste, try Organic Jasmine Green - and watch your party come to life.

     3. Oolong Tea
Ti Kwan Oolong is a variety of oolong tea that’s naturally sweet. This is the perfect go-between among herbal and caffeinated teas since it’s semi-oxidized with a moderate amount of caffeine and a strong, earthy flavor. Your guests will enjoy the depth of this unique tea variety, which is a major departure from the typical tea bags. 

     4. Black Tea
Get back to basics and serve up the one true tea that captivates so many tea-loving cultures around the world: black tea. For the holidays especially, it’s best to stick with something warm and festive. Nothing says holiday like the sharp taste of ginger; try Ginger Black for a robust, caffeinated brew with a bit of a kick. Plus, those who want to get that dessert-like satisfaction can add a dollop of honey to their cup to bring out the flavors even more.

     5. White Tea
For the flip side of the coin to black tea, serve your company some light and crisp white tea-the most approachable of teas. It contains only a bit of caffeine and has a taste as subtle as its delicate color. Heavenly Tea Leaves Organic White Peach  variety is an example of the ideal mellow, yet fruity post-dinner tea to help your loved ones digest and keep the party going.

Herbal or black, spicy or fruity, mild or rich, no matter the tea type, your guests will thank you for serving them a cup made with love (and quality). Heavenly Tea Leaves is definitely the holiday tea destination, whether dinner at your house is for five people or 25! So slap on that red velvet dress, put on some cheery background music and get ready to impress your guests.

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