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Loose Leaf Iced Tea - Organic Iced Tea - Loose Teas for Homemade Iced Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Iced Teas

Iced tea was first introduced to the world by accident and has been a crowd favorite ever since. Whether your brewing it cold brew, pouring your hot tea over ice, or steeping the tea and refrigerating it, iced tea is a great way to enjoy a cold, healthy, delicious, on-the-go beverage as an alternative to sugar-filled iced teas, juices, and sodas - while saving lots of money. Heavenly Tea Leaves recommends that you cool off with this selection of custom loose leaf in house blends, herbs, flowers, and teas that taste sublime when consumed as iced tea!
Loose Leaf Oolong Tea - Organic Oolong Tea - Premium Oolong Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

Oolong is a partially oxidized tea known for its unique shape and bold aroma. Moderately caffeinated and with an intensity somewhere between black and green tea, oolong is a great option for those looking for an invigorating and delicious beverage. Oolong teas go through some of the most complex processing, developed over many centuries, of any tea type. For this reason, they contain some of the most complex, nuanced flavor profiles of any tea: generally floral, toasty, and/or slightly sweet. Heavenly Tea Leaves line of loose leaf oolong teas features traditional oolongs, single-origin oolongs, along with custom flavored varieties like Rose Oolong and Jasmine Oolong, among others.

Pu'er Tea - Loose Leaf Pu'er Tea - Organic Pu'er Tea - Pu-erh Tea -  Bulk Pu'er Teas - Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Pu'er Tea

A variety of fermented tea originating from China’s Hunan province, Pu'er (or Pu-erh) tea is a dark-colored tea with plenty of benefits such as aiding digestion and weight loss. Pu-erh tea contains woody, earthy, vegetal, and sometimes smoky notes. Derived from the same plant as black and other tea types, Heavenly Tea Leaves’ selection of premium loose leaf Pu-erh teas are aged to reveal a bold flavor profile, energizing properties, and a host of benefits for the mind and body.
Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea - Premium Rooibos Herbal Tisane - Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibos Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is a herbal tea that comes from a red bush native to parts of Africa. This exotic herbal tea is indeed reddish-brown in color and is naturally free of caffeine, meaning you can drink it at any time of day. Rooibos offers a floral, woody, and honey-like taste without the bitterness of certain traditional teas. In addition to packing an antioxidant punch, it has been linked to improving bone and vascular health. Loose Rooibos Leaves make for particularly delicious iced teas.
Premium Loose Leaf Tea Leaves - Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Tea

Fresh loose leaf tea offers a superior taste to traditional tea bags, as these teas keep the integrity and full flavor of the tea leaf intact. Along with this, the steeping of whole leaf teas allows for a more nuanced, layered flavor profile, giving loose leaf tea drinkers, richer, more complex flavors to look forward too. Drinking loose leaf tea is also better for the environment; by avoiding the use of strands of paper, plastic, silk, and other materials used in tea bags, you are able to conserve resources and enjoy a higher quality product. Our plentiful selection of classic green teas, delicious black teas, healing herbal tisanes, and many other varieties will not disappoint!

Loose Leaf Tea & Herb Blends - Teas & Botanicals - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Tea & Herb Blends

At Heavenly Tea Leaves, we offer a variety of different tea & herb blends that feature invigorating teas, herbs, and spices, making for complex, flavor-packed blends.
Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Variety Packs - Try a Variety of Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Variety Packs

Our Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Variety Packs are a great way to try a variety of different loose leaf teas & herbal tisanes or give the gift of premium loose leaf teas & tisanes to a friend or loved one!
Tea Samplers - Loose Leaf Tea Samplers  - Tea Sampler Gift Sets - Try a Variety of Flavors & Tea Types - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Tea Samplers & Gift Sets

Heavenly Tea Leaves’ loose leaf tea sampler sets are a company specialty. Custom create or choose from a wide array of gourmet loose-leaf tea samplers in packages of four or nine reusable tins. Organized by categories like flavor profile, tea type, and origin, these beautifully packaged sets make the perfect gift for any occasion. They’re also great for trying out a variety of different teas before you commit to your Heavenly favorite. Each of our samplers is packed in a biodegradable gift box!
Loose Leaf Tea Samples - Try Premium Loose Leaf Teas at a Great Price! - Try Before Committing - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Tea Samples

If you're interested in exploring some new loose leaf teas and herbal tisanes, but don't want to commit to a bulkier, more expensive bag, Heavenly Tea Leaves sample pouches are a perfect option for you. Sold in our resealable biodegradable kraft paper pouches, our line of tea samples features our vast collection of loose leaf tea and herbal tisanes, making discovering your new favorite tea easy! Now you can try out our loose leaf teas without making a major commitment, figuring out your favorite new heavenly tea leaves loose leaf tea!
Turmeric Tea - Turmeric Teas & Tisanes - Loose Leaf Turmeric Tea - Organic Turmeric Tea - Bulk Turmeric Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Turmeric Tea

Revered for its anti-inflammatory properties, and long-list of health benefits including a rich dose of antioxidants, turmeric is the spice of life. That is why we at Heavenly Tea Leaves have a line of teas and herbal tisanes devoted to the savory bright yellow root as their base. Turmeric has a laundry list of health benefits including the potential to prevent heart disease and cancer, help improve symptoms of depression, and much more. Enjoy several caffeinated and non-caffeinated tea blends, each meant to highlight and complement turmeric's unique flavor profile in a different way. Browse our line of Turmeric teas and herbal tisanes today!
Organic Detox Tea Sampler

Loose Leaf Wellness Tea Samplers & Gift Sets

Loose Leaf White Tea - Organic White Tea - Premium White Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf White Tea

Green tea’s (much) gentler cousin is white tea, picked from the young buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant to ensure soft and subtle flavor. White tea originated in China's Fujian Province and is the least processed of any tea type. White tea is easily blended with most flavors and versatile enough to drink hot or iced, morning or night. Plus, a surge of antioxidants never hurt anybody! Heavenly Tea Leaves’ delightful traditional loose leaf white teas and custom white tea blends are subtle, smooth and invigorating. 
Matcha - Matcha Green Tea - Matcha Tea Blends - Matcha Green Tea Powder - Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder - Premium Matcha Green Tea - Buy Matcha Online - Heavenly Tea Leaves


Matcha, a Heavenly Tea Leaves specialty, is powdered, concentrated green tea. This bold and uplifting Japanese concoction delivers endless health benefits when consumed regularly and is delicious on its own or in creative beverages like matcha lattes. We offer top-quality ceremonial matcha – fresh, handpicked, and stone-ground – for you to incorporate in a healthy lifestyle. It also serves as the perfect replacement to coffee, giving you the energy boost, without the crash or jitters. Also among our collection is Zen Super Green, and Turmeric Matcha Tonic, blends that incorporate the coveted matcha green tea powder. Matcha has received praise for being an anti-oxidant rich superfood.
Chocolate Rooibos Mint - Loose Leaf Rooibos Herbal Tisane - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Minty Teas

New products - Newest Teas, Herbal Tisanes, Tea Samplers, Tea Canisters - Heavenly Tea Leaves

New products

Like to stay on top of your tea? Browse our newest selection of gourmet loose leaf teas and herbal tisanes, signature loose leaf tea samplers & gift sets, bulk loose leaf tea, luxury teaware, and more!
Organic Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Organic Bulk Tea Leaves - Organic Premium Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Many of the teas and tisanes in the Heavenly Tea Leaves selection are certified organic. Why organic? Because we are committed to a healthy lifestyle and sustainable, wholesome, and honest tea farming and production. Organic tea is farmed without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers - ingredients that don't belong in your body. Organic farming practices like crop rotation and companion planting help sustain farmlands over longer periods of time, keeping our soil richer, and encouraging biodiversity. It's better for our planet, and it's better for you too, a real win-win all around. Read more about why we prefer organic tea on the Heavenly Tea Leaves blog.
Organic Loose Leaf Tea Sampler - USDA Organic & OU Kosher - Try a Variety of 9 Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Great Gift

Organic Loose Leaf Tea Samplers & Gift Sets

Sales & Specials - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Sales & Specials

Here is our collection of Heavenly Tea Leaves products that are on sale! These are the loose leaf tea deals you won't find anywhere else!
Perfect Tea Spoon - 1 Cup of Perfect Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Single Serve Teaware

Sleep & Calming Teas - Sleepytime Teas - Relaxing Teas - Anxiety Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Sleep & Calming Teas

These nighttime teas are mostly herbal blends selected specifically to be incorporated in your pre-bedtime routine. As part of a perfect evening ritual, this line of teas works hard to ensure a deep and restful sleep, which in turn nurtures overall wellness. Drink these teas hot before going to sleep to relax and unwind, easing the transition into a restful sleep. Components like chamomile, lemongrass, rosehips, and lavender help your body physically sedate and de-stress, while ones like valerian root actually help mitigate insomnia so you can stay asleep undisrupted.
Ginger Peach White Tea

Smooth Teas

Turmeric Bliss - Loose Leaf Turmeric Herbal Tisane - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Spicy Teas

Stomach Settlers - Stomach Soothers - Natural Digestion Aids - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Stomach Settlers

Revered for their ability to aid digestion, relieve bowel pain, and combat bloating, this collection of teas and herbal tisanes is the surest route to a happy stomach. They often contain powerful probiotics and/or polyphenols that help your gut bacteria break down fats, thereby aiding your body’s natural defenses and promoting its ability to heal on its own. These caffeinated and naturally caffeine-free teas include ingredients like mint, fennel, pu’er tea, and more, all of which have been shown to help alleviate symptoms like stomach cramping, gas, indigestion, bowel irregularity, and even nausea.

Bodum Assam Tea Press

Tea Pots