Organic Lemon Twist, Loose Leaf Black Tea Tin

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Organic Lemon Twist is a zesty blend of Organic Black Tea and Lemon, perfectly joined to make a very lively, refreshing blend. Makes a great hot or iced tea! Once you're finished with the tea, you can refill your tin with tea or something else!

Ingredients: Organic black tea, natural flavor, organic lemon peel, organic lemongrass

1.75 Oz. Tin Can (Approximately 20 Servings of Tea)

We highly encourage you to reuse these tins. After your tea runs out, you can reuse them for storage… or of course, to hold more Heavenly tea!

USDA Organic & Kosher Certified by Earth Kosher

Customer Reviews

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Theresa Shaffer
Oh so lemony goodness

I adore lemon tea and typically will just do warm water and fresh lemons, but this takes the cake! I do not understand how others can say no lemon flavor because it is packed! With this tea be sure to use hot hot water to coax the grass to release. A beautiful flavorful treat!

june twelves

I have not been able to coax any lemon or other flavor from this Lemon Twist tea either by altering the amount of tea to water, the temperature of the water or the time for brewing. I have enjoyed every other tea I've tried including a set of six small tins of tea that was gifted to me, and four larger cans that I bought. I last bought a tin of Spiced Papaya which I liked a lot and a tin of the Lemon Twist. The Lemon Twist is the only one that was disappointing.

Edward McHugh
Not what I expected

Several years ago Stash tea put out a tea called
Lemon Blossom. Now that was a lemon tea. I would buy it from Amazon at 100 bags to the box. They switched to Meyer Lemon, I don't know why. Not
nearly as good. Called them up, they could not explain why.