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Organic Tea Sampler, 4 Organic Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Makes For A Great Gift! - Heavenly Tea Leaves

4 Count Samplers

9 Flavor Variety Pack - Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Gift Set - Heavenly Tea Leaves

9 Count Samplers

Artisanal Tea - Rare Tea - Single Origin Tea - Loose Leaf Rare Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Artisinal Loose Leaf Tea

Some teas are so precious and coveted, they are not easily found among the shelves of typical tea purveyors. At Heavenly Tea Leaves, we pride ourselves on traveling the globe to source some of the most unique and rarely found loose leaf teas on the planet, including single-origin teas, hand-plucked/processed teas, Pre Qing-Ming (spring) harvested teas, seasonal varieties, high-mountain teas, and much more. These teas are prized for their terroir, masterful processing, minimal production quantities, along with many other attributes. Similar to fine wine, coffee, or chocolate, these are some of the best teas the world has to offer.
Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Sets - Try A Variety of Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Sets

Our Assorted Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Sets are a great way to try a variety of different loose leaf teas & herbal tisanes or give the gift of premium loose leaf teas & tisanes!
Best Selling Teas - Best Selling Loose Leaf Teas, Herbal Tisanes, & Tea Sampler Gift Sets - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Best Selling Products

A fan favorite is always a winner! Choose from our vast range of bestselling loose leaf teas and herbal tisanes and taste some of our customers favorite teas, tea sampler sets, and more!
Brisk Teas - Black Teas - Bright Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Brisk Teas

Brisk teas are generally brighter, more astringent teas that are a more common flavor profile of black teas.
Bulk Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Wholesale & Food Service Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Bulk Loose Leaf Tea

Chocolate Rooibos Mint - Loose Leaf Rooibos Herbal Tisane - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Dessert Teas

Detox/Cleansing Teas - Natural Detox Remedies - Detox Cleanse - Teatox - Cleansing Teas - Clean out your Body of Toxins with Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Detox & Cleansing Teas

To clear your body and mind and boost your wellness, look to our range of cleansing teas. These blends allow for a full detoxification of your body by gently and naturally boosting metabolic activity and increasing stress tolerance. A number of rooibos blends, for example, may provide liver support and contain the flavonoids quercetin and luteolin, packing an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory punch; these help rid your bloodstream of unwanted contaminants, and in some cases promote a healthier body weight. Cleansing teas are the perfect remedy for recovering from acute illnesses, hangovers, bloating from overeating, or poor nutrition.

Disposable Teaware

Essentials Collection - Premium Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - USDA Organic - OU Kosher - Biodegradable Packaging - Eco-Conscious - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Essentials Collection

Welcome to heaven, simplified. The new Essentials collection by Heavenly Tea Leaves is a suite of eight simple-and-satisfying blends of organic loose leaf tea, perfect for sipping during the holidays and year-round. With 10-15 servings of tea per pouch, these compostable packs are a great way to find your favorite flavor, give the gift of gourmet loose leaf tea, or just indulge without the commitment. Mix and match or try the whole collection to select your favorites and sip again later. Simply put, these teas are essential.

Fall Teas - Autumn Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Teas to Cozy Up - Teas to Warm You Up - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Fall Teas

As the leaves start to come down and the weather freezes up, there's no better time for a cozy cup of tea. Fall teas, as we call them, are warm in terms of flavor and in terms of their duty – to actually heat up our palettes and bodies. In the spirit of cozying up by the fireplace, here are some of our autumn favorites.
Floral Teas - Oolong Teas - Lavender Teas - Jasmine Teas - Chamomile - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Floral Teas

Our Premium floral teas include a wide collection of different teas & herbal tisanes that feature floral flavor profiles. Some of these teas & tisanes include oolongs, rose, chamomile, jasmine teas, lavender, & more.
Fruity Teas - Fruit Teas - Make For Great Hot or Iced Teas - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Fruity Teas

Fruity teas that feature fruits, dried fruits, and other ingredients making them delicious as hot or iced teas!
Herbal Cleanse

Ginger Herbal Teas

Gingery Teas - Ginger Based Loose Leaf Teas & Herbal Teas - Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Gingery Teas

Ginger is a super-strong root with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It has been used in ayurvedic and wholistic medicine for years, and for good reason. Detoxify your body with some delicious, and powerful ginger-based teas and tisanes.
Heavenly Tea Leaves Gift Card

Heavenly Tea Leaves Gift Card

Shopping for someone but not sure what to get them? Give them the gift of choice with a Heavenly Tea Leaves gift card. Heavenly Tea Leaves gift cards make the perfect mothers day present, birthday gift, graduation present, or gift for any other happy occasion!
Heavenly Tea Leaves Holiday Gift Guide - A curated collection of all of our favorite gift-giving items this holiday season! Give the gift of loose leaf tea, tea samplers, gift sets, teaware, & much more.

Holiday Gift Guide

A curated collection of all of our favorite gift-giving items this holiday season! Give the gift of loose leaf tea, tea samplers, gift sets, teaware, & much more. 

Bodum Ceylon Jumbo Iced Tea Jug, 101 oz. - Great for Cold Brewing and Making Loose Leaf Iced Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Iced Tea Teaware

Kosher Tea - Kosher Loose Leaf Tea - Certified Kosher By OU & Earth Kosher - Premium Kosher Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Kosher Teas & Herbal Tisanes

Our extensive line of loose leaf teas & herbal tisanes features many certified OU & Earth Kosher products to suit your dietary needs. These premium teas & herbal tisanes make for delicious hot or iced teas!

Loose Leaf Black Tea - Organic Black Tea - Premium Black Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Black Tea

Heavenly Tea Leaves’ selection of loose leaf black teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant are extensive and diverse, going beyond the traditional options of Assam black tea, English Breakfast black tea, and Earl Grey black tea. We offer a wide variety of malty and full-bodied black tea blends that feature rich flavors and a potent energy boost. Black tea is a delicious, healthy substitute for coffee, giving you the caffeinated boost you need in the morning, without the jitters. Our line also features many single origin black teas, organic black teas, delicious custom black tea blends, and more!
Black 9 Tea Sampler

Loose Leaf Black Tea Samplers & Gift Sets

Chai Tea - Loose Leaf Chai Teas & Herbal Tisanes - Chai Tea Blends - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Chai

Simply referring to “tea” in Hindi, chai is the signature spicy tea of India. Our house blends come in bases of black or white tea as well as an herbal version for a naturally caffeine-free kick. Chai teas contain exotic, earthy, and vitalizing ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, pepper, and more. Many of our blends are inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, combining spices, roots, and herbs that have been known to heal the body, putting it back into balance. Complement your cup with a dash of cream if you wish!
Loose Leaf Green Tea - Organic Green Tea - Premium Green Tea - Wholesale Loose Leaf Green Tea - Heavenly Tea Leaves

Loose Leaf Green Tea

High-quality loose leaf green tea is among the most healthful and flavorful beverages on Earth. At Heavenly Tea Leaves, we take pride in providing the most premium loose leaf green teas that the Far East has to offer. We offer an array of custom green tea blends, single-origin green teas, organic green teas, and traditional green teas that are sure to delight your taste buds and make you feel good. Please your palate with a vegetal or nutty variety and revel in green tea’s nutritious, antioxidant-rich jolt of flavor and steady stream of energy.
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