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About Us - Heavenly Tea Leaves

The Company

At Heavenly Tea Leaves, we believe that tea is not just a beverage, it's a way of life.

We offer more than 150 varieties of single-estate gourmet teas, seasonal teas, custom in-house blends, and traditional teas, many certified organic and kosher.

Our signature loose leaf tea samplers are our specialty. These beautiful custom arrangements make the perfect gift and provide the ideal solution for those looking to discover their new favorite tea. Select from various sets categorized by tea type, season, or mood.

Going green is one of our core commitments. We strive to keep our packaging eco-friendly and reusable, helping reduce our environmental impact. We feel a responsibility to make strides forward in green packaging, sustainable farming practices, and issues relating to the environment, because humanity, our future and the beverage we have come to love, depends on the state of our planet. In the spirit of giving back, we also support the power of community by partnering with a number of local causes each year.

We know that tea touches cultures and families around the world, bringing people together in moments of happiness. Life is worth pausing once in a while to take pleasure in the little things. Enjoy your healthy, balanced journey with a cup of Heavenly Tea Leaves.

The Story

In 2006, our founder Noushin Ebrani turned a life challenge into inspiration for a thriving business. After beating cancer, she took to drinking freshly-brewed organic tea as part of her daily health regimen. Inspired by how she felt, Noushin founded Heavenly Tea Leaves with a single goal in mind: share the goodness of quality tea with as many people as possible. 

Today, the company promotes wholesome living by specializing in loose leaf tea, tea samplers, and organic tea. The Heavenly Tea Leaves team is dedicated to sourcing affordable, delectable gourmet teas and tisanes from all over the world.